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$40 in FREE Pet Odor Stain & Odor Removal Treatment

Valid with any minimum cleaning order. Some exclusions may apply.


Why settle for basic carpet cleaning when you can have deep DetoxClean carpet cleaning that removes the toughest soils and stains?


toronto Carpet cleaning repairs rugs cheap prices low fast416-SO-CLEAN Toronto Carpet Cleaning uses an exclusive 10 Steps Deep DetoxClean process powered by self-contained truck mounted units.

The use of these truck-mounted units provide thorough, deep Hot Water Extraction (steam) cleaning by using consistently high-temperature fresh water and powerful vacuum suction.

This means that we can remove tough stains that other methods leave behind. 

And, because truck-mounted units provide a faster drying time (eight hours or less) and deeper carpet cleaning, our technicians can ensure that you come home to fluffy, clean carpets with no excess moisture or sticky residue. 


The Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) method is a restorative deep cleaning process that is favoured by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

416-SO-CLEAN follows the warranty-approved process documented in the IICRC S100 Standard & Reference Guide for Carpet Cleaning in Toronto. This deep cleaning method is preferred by all of the major fiber producers and leading carpet manufacturers.

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Stain and Odour Removal

allergy relief toronto cleaning carpet rugs cleanersIf your carpet has stains or odours because of spills, pets, cigarette smoke, or more, 416-SO-CLEAN can remove these from your wool or synthetic carpets.  

Our technicians can also make your carpets more soil and stain resistant by applying fabric protectors. It’s a wise investment, particularly for light coloured and natural fabrics and here is a Before-and-After 416-SO-CLEAN success story of Black dust stain removal from fabric protected white wool carpet. 

The application of the fabric protector is one of the treatment option available in our Platinum Package, one more reason to choose the 416-SO-CLEAN Carpet Cleaning Platinum Package.

Spots vs Stains

  • ​Not all stains can be removed completely, even with the use of professional spotting agents. Due to dye characteristics, PH effects, oxidation and other reactions, some stains may be improved but not completely removed.
  • Spots vs. Stains: A spot is a foreign substance on fabric, such as a spill of coffee, wine, or even pet urine. 416-SO-CLEAN guarantees the removal of spots to make your rug spotless. However, depending on how long a spot remains on fabric, the type of fabric, and a number of other factors, the actual fabric dye or structure may have been damaged and this is called a stain (an example would be pet urine left untreated on wool rugs for days).  416-SO-CLEAN offers NO GUARANTEE ON THE REMOVAL OF STAINS.

Allergy Relief

416-SO-CLEAN highly recommends applying our all-natural allergy relief treatment on your carpets if members of your household have asthma or allergies to pets or dust mites. This treatment creates a much healthier environment by reducing allergen levels by 90% or more. 

carpet cleaning toronto rug repairFully Trained and Certified Technicians

416-SO-CLEAN is the smart choice to care for and clean your carpets because all of our technicians are WoolSafe®-Approved specialists and are certified by IICRC for carpet cleaning and repair. 

Give us a click or a call 416-762-5326 today and book your no-risk cleaning appointment. All services are covered by our 416-SO-CLEAN “LOVE IT or DON’T PAY” guarantee.


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